Back Office Accounting

TransActPOS is capable of tracking and generating a full general ledger release to a number of accounting systems.  The level of sophistication in the back office can vary dramatically from store to store. The following provides definitions of the three levels of sophistication:


A "manual" store will have an automated point of sale and inventory system but will process accounts payable and payroll manually.  Periodically the collected information will be forwarded to the accountant and then the financial statements will be returned to the store owner for review.   There is nothing wrong with this process!  In fact it may be the most reasonable of all back office solutions because you let the accountant worry about the details.

The down side of a manual system is timing.  Today is the first of the new month, did I make a profit last month?

General Ledger Aware

The next level of store is the general ledger aware operation.  TransActPOS can be setup to release general ledger information in the following formats: Peachtree, Sage Pro ERP, Timberline, QuickBooks Pro, and CSV file.  The posting of the general ledger release may be via an import or manual posting of a journal entry.  Reports from TransActPOS can be run which assist the back office staff in the posting of payroll hours, purchase order receipts and similar information.

These general ledger aware systems work fine and are preferred by many stores because of familiarity and cost of the application.

Fully Integrated

A fully integrated solution incorporates a enterprise class back office accounting system with TransActPOS to provide seamless integration of general ledger, payroll time clock, management of purchase order receipts and other processes. 

The enterprise solution back office is based upon the Sage Pro ERP accounting applications.  The expandability of the Accpac product line is very extensive and will meet most corporate accounting needs.

For those wanting to push the edge of reporting and have a desire to truly understand their business, the Accpac has a Excel module, F9, which drills into the live data to refresh your spreadsheet information. 

The enterprise integration also allows the free hand reporting into Microsoft Excel which give the management team a full range of functions that surpasses most other systems.

A fully integrated system provides up to the minute information to assist in your decision making process.

  • Sage Pro ERP General Ledger
  • Sage Pro ERP Accounts Payable
  • Sage Pro ERP Payroll
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