Gift Cards and Certificates

The TransActPOS Gift Card module allows stores the ability to create and maintain an internal and independent gift card offering to their customers.  After the intial purchase of the Gift Card module, the ongoing cost is that of the gift card and the nominal TransActPOS Monthly Maintenance Fee.   The Gift Card module may utilize pre-printed gift cards or print to card stock for an on-demand print of a paper certificate.  You will establish one of the two methods within your store's environment.

Sterling Card Solutions, LLC is full service manufacturer of gift cards providing art and printing services.  The TransActPOS Gift Card module will generate the required gift card numbers printed on the back of the gift card.  When reviewing recent projects, the cost per card has been below $.70 per card which included the 30 mil card, art charges, printing and shipping charges.  Your particular job cost will vary.  We have found their services to be very reasonable and dependable.  Our representative can be reached at 615-349-1535 Ext 3076.

The Gift Card Add-On manages the creation, use, and current balance of a Gift Card program.  Integrated into the TransActPOS system, Gift Cards provides your customers a convenient method of gift giving yet maintains the level of security to properly administer a gift card program. 

Your view of gift cards will determine how you implement the program.  Here are some ideas:

1) Traditional Gift Card - A customer purchases a gift card as a present for a friend.  The recipient of the gift certificate will present the gift card at a later date as a form of payment.

2) Due Bill - A customer returns an item to your establishment without a receipt;  the sales clerk creates a gift card for the value of the return.

3) Gift Card Purchase: Customers may use a gift card they have received as a gift to purchase new gift cards. 

4) Bill Payment: gift cards may be used as payment on a customer's account balance.

The Gift Card Add-On provides a streamlined process for the sales clerks to follow.   Easy to follow instructions guide the user through the process. 

To redeem a gift card the customer presents their gift card as a form of payment.  The customer receives a receipt for the purchase and a gift certificate current balance receipt. 

Gift Card Features

  • Modifiable paper certificate formats and pre-printed short run cards as described above
  • Secure serial numbers
  • Personalized for each recipient - paper certificates only
  • Gift certificates are equivalent to cash during the payment process
  • Gift certificates may used in full or in portions toward purchases
  • Transaction receipts will indicate the current balance of this gift certificate and history of purchases
  • If a card is lost, the gift card may be reprinted based upon recipient or purchaser information 
  • If a card is stolen, the gift card account balance can be used to purchase a new card for the customer and automatically zeroing the balance of the stolen card 
  • The purchase of a gift certificate or gift card creates a liability for the store which is reconcilable within the outstanding gift card balance report.  When the gift certificate or gift card is used during the purchase of merchandise, the liability is reduced by the payment amount and the sale is then recorded with the associated sales tax.


The TransActPOS Versa Box is a network attached device which allows the customer to check their gift card balance. The Versa Box will also provide item price checks with a simple scan of the UPC or label barcode.  This is a self maintaining device which is updated via the normal TransActPOS program maintenance process.

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