Purchase Orders

TransActPOS Purchase Orders module allows installations to easily create, track and receive items directly into the inventory.  Complete reporting of receipts and issues are included with in this easy to use module.  For installations that are E-Dn trading partners, the submission of purchase orders to an E-Dn network is streamlined by the direct interface with the ordering process.

In this example, item “ST00003503500” has been selected and is entered in the purchase order.  The quantity of the item has been changed to 10 by selecting the Change Qty button.

Selecting Save will post this information to the system and turn on the E-DN button, located in the bottom left of the screen.

From the Purchase Order | Main screen the user may select the E-Dn button at any time to submit the purchase order to E-Dn trading Partner.  Once a Purchase Order has been submitted to a Trading Partner, no additional changes will be sent to the Trading Partner even though the user may modify the local copy of the purchase order.

Once the E-Dn button is selected, the Purchase Order E-Dn Interface screen will appear from which the user will select the Submit PO button to begin the process of transmitting the purchase order to the Trading Partner indicated in the vendor field of the purchase order.

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