TransActPOS Wireless

CipherLab 9700

TransActPOS Wireless provides real-time access to inventory information within the wireless coverage area.  Now standing in the store aisle, users can access system information and perform specific functions to better manage inventory.  Bringing real-time information to the aisle allows users to be more proficient when compared to previous batch based systems. 

All transactions created within the mobile device post directly to the system.  No additional steps are required.  TransActPOS Wireless can be added to any existing TransActPOS configuration.  With the addition of TransActPOS Purchase Orders, "pre-purchase orders" may be created in the store isle and then reviewed as a back office operation for verification.

The CipherLab 9700 has been established as the preferred wireless device for the TransActPOS product line.  Deliberately created for the challenging requirements of the warehousing, distribution center and manufacturing industries, the CipherLab 9700 series features excellent functionality and ruggedness for applications within four-wall environments.

During the development of the wireless application, we did not realize the impact of being able to address inventory issues while standing in the store aisle.  Imagine standing in the store aisle and scanning an inventory item and then addressing any number of issues regarding the item.  Review the sale history, change a retail price, print a new label, place the item on order, take a physical count, add additional UPC's, view and image of the item....  all of these features right in your hand as you stand in the store aisle.  So, you can address practically all of the issues you might need to address prior to moving on to the next item.  Task completed for this item, move on to the next item, no coming back at a later time to address the item again...

TransActPOS Wireless Features

  • Process a physical inventory during normal business hours
  • Print Item and Bin Labels to desktop (Laser, Dymo, Zebra and others) and wireless printers (O'Neil OC3)
  • Edit retail price, minimum, maximum and order quantity; Enter inventory item level receipts and issues; Enter physical inventory adjustment; Place selected items into a pre-purchase order.  In the back office, a final review of the pre-purchase order is made prior to creating the purchase order.
  • Maintain item lookup methods (UPC, IBM, Vendor, Manufacturer)
  • Secure Access Transaction auditing Wireless physical inventory processing
  • Wireless inventory receiving
  • Wireless receiving of A-Copy shipment (True Value stores)
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